Modern radiotherapy is increasingly evolving towards a reduction in the number of fractions. Stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT), or as more recently defined, SABR (stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy), is a radiation therapy approach in which high radiation doses are delivered in few fractions focused on small extracranial tumors with rapid dose fall off outside the target. In particular, SBRT/SABR is becoming elective therapy, in several anatomic districts, both for primitive tumors and for metastatic lesions.  These results were achieved thanks to a multidisciplinary effort with strong involvement of highly qualified and skilled professionals together with technological progress both in imaging and in treatment delivery.  

Since we consider this multidisciplinary approach as the key of success, the Italian Association of Radiation Oncology (AIRO) and the Italian Association of Medical Physics (AIFM) organize the 3rd edition of the joint symposium on SBRT within the Fuligno monastery area in Florence.

An international faculty, including the ESTRO president, the ESTRO physics committee chair and an ex EANM president, will present the SBRT state of the art. The objective of this course is to provide a current overview of the SBRT methodology. Each session will include both Physics and clinical presentations with the possibility of discussion and questions. The course will end with a debate on the new ICRU91: “Where to normalize the dose”

During the course there will be also poster and oral communication sessions. In particular the best four young presentations will be awarded by the scientific board.

A Special fee for the ESTRO members of 150Euro (including lunch, coffee break and materials) will be applied. Furthermore, to facilitate the attendance of both radiation oncologists and medical physicists from the same center, a further discount will be applied.

Program Highlights will include:

Physics of IGRT, Motion management, target definition, target uncertainties estimation, Radiomics,  Audits, Nanoparticles, Immunology, proton/hadrotherapy, planning parameters, autoplanning, MRI/Linac, in vivo dosimetry, small fields, cinical applications to: lung, abdominal target, prostate, brain, and re-treatment

Course directors

Filippo Alongi, Brescia University & Sacro Cuore Hospital, Negrar (Verona)

Pietro Mancosu, Humanitas Cancer Center, Rozzano (Milan)


Scientific Committee

Radiation Oncology

Paolo Bastiani, ASL Centro Florence

Pierluigi Bonomo, Careggi Florence

Barbara Jereczek, Milan University & IEO Milan


Medical Physics

Francesca Romana Giglioli, Città della salute Turin

Stefania Pallotta, Florence University & Careggi Florence

Serenella Russo, ASL Centro Florence


Abstract selection committee

Radiation Oncology

Renzo Corvò, Genoa University

Lorenzo Livi, Florence University & Careggi Florence

Stefano Magrini, Brescia University & Spedali Civili Brescia


Medical Physics

Carlo Cavedon, University Hospital of Verona

Michele Stasi, Mauriziano Hospital Turin

Cinzia Talamonti, Florence University & Careggi Firenze

Endorsed by:

AIFM National Secretariat

Symposium srl

infoline +390119211467

Day I - Thursday 4th

Session I – Chairs: Stefano Magrini (Brescia), Michele Stasi (Turin)

13:30:   Course Introduction – Stefano Magrini (AIRO President - Brescia) & Michele Stasi (AIFM President - Turin)

14:00:   lectio magistralis The Future prospective of SBRT – Umberto Ricardi (ESTRO president - Turin University)

14:30:   lectio magistralis Technologies for SBRT – Carlo Cavedon (AIFM scientific committee director - Verona university hospital)


Session II- Chairs: Renzo Corvò (Genoa), Serenella Russo (Florence)

15:30:   Physics of IGRT in SBRT: from phantom to patient – Laura Masi (Florence)

15:50:   Motion management for precise medicine - Stefanie Corradini (LMU Munich)

16:10:   Clinical results of SBRT for abdominal targets– Marta Scorsetti (Humanitas University - Milan)

16:40:   Discussion time

17:00:   Selected Abstracts

17:30:   Poster view


Day II: Friday 5th

Session III – Chairs: Paolo Bastiani (Florence), Mauro Iori (Reggio Emilia)

08:30:   lectio magistralis: Geometrical uncertainties in SBRT from imaging and image-guidance to planning and margins – Ben Heijmen (Erasmus MC Rotterdam)

09:00:   Radiomics in SBRT: The clinical prospective – Vincenzo Valentini (Uni Cattolica, Roma)

09:30:   Radiomics in SBRT: The physicist prospective - Michele Avanzo (CRO Aviano)

10:00    Discussion time


Session IV – Chairs: Stefano Pergolizzi (Messina), Stefania Pallotta (Florence)

11:00:   Immunology in SBRT – Andrea Filippi (San Matteo Pavia)

11:30:   Physics of Nanoparticles in SBRT – Lidia Strigari (IFO Rome)

12:00:   Audit in SBRT – TBD

12:30:   Selected Abstracts


Session V – Chairs: Vittorio Donato (Rome), Fabrizio Banci Bonamici (Siena)

14:00:   Physics of SBRT in Proton Therapy – Marco Schwarz (Trento proton Therapy)

14:30:   Unconventional fractionation in clinical hadrontherapy– Roberto Orecchia (Milan University&IEO)

15:00:   Parameters analysis in SBRT planning – Victor Hernandez (Barcelona)

15:30:   Selected abstracts


Session VI - Chairs: Pierluigi Bonomo (Florence), Cinzia Talamonti (Florence)

16:30:   SBRT clinical applications: Prostate – Gabriele Simontacchi (Careggi Florence)

17:00:   Auplanning in SBRT –Livia Marrazzo (Careggi Florence), Christian Fiandra (Turin University)

17:30:   Poster views


Day III - Saturday 6th

Session VII – Chairs: Lorenzo Livi (Florence), Luigi Spiazzi (Brescia)

08:30:   lectio magistralis Precision radiotherapy through advanced imaging – Arturo Chiti ( EANM president 2015-16,        Humanitas University, Milan)

09:00:   Physics of MRI/Linac – Marco De Spirito (Uni Cattolica, Roma)

09:30:   SBRT Clinical applications: MRI/Linac – Frank Lagerwaard (VU University, Amsterdam)

10:00:   Question time


Session VIII: Chairs – Barbara Jereczek (Milan), Francesca Romana Giglioli (Turin)

11:00:   In-vivo dosimetry in SBRT – Marco Esposito (chair of the In-vivo dosimetry AIFM-WG, Florence)

11:30:   SRT Clinical applications: Brain metastases– Silvia Scoccianti (Careggi, Florence)

12:00:   Small field dosimetry: IAEA483/ICRU91 views– Nuria Jornet (Barcelona – chair ESTRO physics Committee)

12:30:   Selected abstracts


Session IX – Chairs: Filippo Alongi (Verona), Pietro Mancosu (Milan)

14:00:   SBRT Clinical applications: Re-treatment – Marco Trovò (Udine)

14:30:   Quality controls in SBRT – Carmelo Marino (Catania)

15:00:   ICRU91: Where to normalize the dose – symposium with the whole faculty

16:00:   Best presentations awarding and conclusion

The main program will include oral and poster sections for both Physicists and Radiation Oncologists. In particular the best oral communications (under 35/in training) will be awarded with a cash prize.

Abstracts must be sent to within 20th July 2018. Abstracts must be submitted and presented at the conference in English.

Abstracts must be submitted should include:

  • The title (maximum 100 characters)
  • Three keywords
  • The names of the authors with affiliations
  • The name of the presenter
  • The preference between oral and poster communication
  • The appropriate section (Physics or Radiation Oncology)
  • If the presenter competes for awards.

Abstracts should be structured into the sections: Introduction; Materials & Methods; Results; Conclusion.

Abstracts should not exceed 3000 characters, spaces included. Abstracts may contain two figures/tables.

Abstracts must be submitted both in .doc or .docx and .pdf using the course template (download)

Abstracts will be anonymised before review.

Abstracts submitted for presentation will be reviewed by experts in the field of the subject. Abstract review criteria are based on clarity, supporting data, scientific rigour, potential significance, interest in the topic chosen and innovation or usefulness.

In order to comply with the Italian Healh Ministry CME regulation, abstracts should not include any product name, image or message, the contents  should not be influenced by any commercial interest. Abstract not complying with said rules cannot be admitted. For CME purpose, admitted authors will be required to provide a short bio and a declaration of any financial relationship with industry during the past two years.

Notification of outcome of abstract submission will be sent by email by 15th September 2018.

Accepted abstracts will be published in an online journal.

With the submission of an abstract to “SBRT: from Physics to Clinic”, the corresponding (presenting) author:

  • Accepts responsibility for the accuracy of the abstract and ascertains that all authors are aware of the content before submission
  • Accepts to be the contact person for all correspondence related to the abstract and to inform the co-authors about its status
  • Accepts to identify any financial interest in products or processes described in the abstract. This includes stock ownership, membership on any advisory boards, commercially sponsored research or any other substantial relationships

The course will be accredited in Italy for Continuous Medical Education by AIFM, national CME provider (ID No. 416) . More information will be posted as soon as available.

Information on the registration fees will be soon available.

The course will be organized with the unrestricted support of the following companies*:







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The course will be held at the Centro Formazione Montedomini "Il Fuligno" located in via Faenza 44. a few minutes'walking distance from Santa Maria Novella railway station.