12th Constructal Law Conference

“Freedom. Design and Evolution" are the key words of the 12th Constructal Law Conference scheduled in Torino, Italy, on 21-22 September 2023.

The Constructal Law governs all phenomena of design evolution in Nature, bio and non-bio, human made and not human made.

The conference explores diverse areas:

  • Physics of life;
  • Design in nature;
  • Evolutionary design with freedom;
  • Evolution: geophysical, biological, social, technological, communications, science, literature, city, government, climate;
  • Thermodynamics, Energy, power, and economy;
  • Thermoeconomics, Bioeconomy and circular economy;
  • Information, Complexity, Change, Time arrow
  • Human beings as part of nature;
  • Hierarchy, Power laws, Inequality, Innovation;
  • Living and non-living from the same point of view;
  • Natural and social sciences together;
  • Art and science together;
  • Predicting evolution, Arrow of time.

  • 21 September 2023
  • Torino, Italy