12th Constructal Law Conference

“Freedom. Design and Evolution" are the key words of the 12th Constructal Law Conference scheduled in Torino, Italy, on 21-22 September 2023.
The Constructal Law governs all phenomena of design evolution in Nature, bio and non-bio, human made and not human made.

The conference explores diverse areas:

  • Physics of life;
  • Design in nature;
  • Evolutionary design with freedom;
  • Evolution: geophysical, biological, social, technological, communications, science, literature, city, government, climate;
  • Thermodynamics, Energy, power, and economy;
  • Thermoeconomics, Bioeconomy and circular economy;
  • Information, Complexity, Change, Time arrow
  • Human beings as part of nature;
  • Hierarchy, Power laws, Inequality, Innovation;
  • Living and non-living from the same point of view;
  • Natural and social sciences together;
  • Art and science together;
  • Predicting evolution, Sustainability

Abstracts on the conference topics will be welcome. Detailed information on the submission procedure is available on the website abstract section.
Selected papers will be published in International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer (Elsevier, impact factor 6.8)

  • 21 September 2023
  • Torino, Italy