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Roman castrum, medieval town, first capital of Italy. Torino offers a lasting memory of castles, old beautiful palaces, royal residences, monuments. Torino is one of the cultural leading cities in Italy. The city’s lively cultural scene includes music, theatre, visual arts, photography, film, design, dance and heritage as well as a wide choice of museums, 46 in town, such as the world famous Egyptian Museum, the beautiful Galleria Sabauda with Italian and Flemish painting collections, the Automobile Museum, the Modern Art Gallery, the Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art, the National Cinema Museum with its unique interactive approach.

MediaThe wonderful Reggia di Venaria (Venaria Royal Residence) - photo Symposium srl

Around Torino thousands of excursion opportunities: the Alps, the lakes, the artistic cities and villages, the golf courses, the wine and food tours.

Torino offers both luxury and characteristic shops. Most of the luxury shops are located in the city centre on via Roma: fashion boutiques, jewelry shops, perfume shops and food and wine stores which feature the best of the regional products. Then there are the characteristic shops in the little alleys of the inner city, full of cafes and craftshops. Torino has a little bit (or, as is often the case, a lot) of everything and for all budgets as well.

Torino is one of the undisputed world capital of taste. It has always boasted a renowned food and wine tradition. The region’s extraordinary cuisine can be enjoyed in over 600 city restaurants. Restaurants are usually open from 12.00 to 14.30 and from 19.30 to 22.30. For those who prefer something different to the classic menus, Torino proposes a most pleasant alternative: wine bars. Torino is also renowned for the ability of its pastrycooks..

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The final conference day will be held at the Europena Commission Joint Research Centre in Ispra (Varese).
Ispra is a beautiful lakeside municipality overlooking the eastern shore of Lake Maggiore (about 130 km from Torino).
Certainly, tourism in Ispra is not a recent phenomenon; in fact, the superb gardens of the great noble residences from the 1800’s embellish the entire surrounding area. Another traditional and age-old activity was the extraction and processing of limestone, as shown by the obvious signs of the white gashes in the sides of the hill and four of the kilns once used to process quicklime.
Lastly, Ispra is characterised by its long lakeshore development. The coast can almost be entirely walked along a section of pedestrian precinct, which is equipped with facilities.


  • 24 June 2024
  • Torino-Ispra, Italy

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