Topic and call for contributions

We invite participants to contribute to the conference. Both oral and poster presentations are welcome.

A review panel will evaluate the contributions based on their scientific content and relevance to the conference. A limited number of contributions will be accepted for oral presentations.

We will address the following main topics:

1. Biocontrol for soil, plant, animal, and human health targeting One Health

2. Biocontrol for resilient cropping systems tackling climate change

3. Biocontrol of emerging and complex plant diseases

4. Soil and plant biodiversity: unexplored sources of potential biocontrol agents

5. Single strains, synthetic consortia, and microbiomes: challenges in characterization, storage, and use

6. Mechanisms behind microbe-microbe and plant-microbe interactions

7. Mass production, formulation, and application of biocontrol agents

8. Industry and academia: a winning partnership for biocontrol product development

9. Commercial use of microbials for integrated and organic disease management

10. Legislation, ethics, and socio-economical aspects related to the use of microorganisms in agriculture

11. Targeting the Farm to Fork approach: consumer, farmer, environment, and policy needs

12. Biocontrol, biostimulants, biofertilizers and plant strengtheners: growing requests to microorganisms

13. Plant breeding targeting biocontrol

14. Beyond cells: microbial products against plant diseases

  • 11 June 2025
  • Torino - Complesso Aldo Moro